Becoming a leader and managing a team is one of the key paths a recruiter can take, and if you’re reading this – you’re probably considering management (or already mentoring) as we speak. 

I’ve been incredibly lucky to host some inspirational leaders on the podcast, all of whom have different personalities, management styles and advice to aspiring or current leaders.

So, without further ado – here are the top 5 episodes to listen to if you want to become a leader!

I loved recording this episode because although Arjun’s journey into recruitment was similar to most, he quickly progressed and now leads teams of 20+ people, which is no mean feat. 

What’s more, is that he still bills alongside this – something that we all know is an incredibly challenging task. We unpack so much on this episode, inclusive of leading large-scale teams.

Jay is such a unique guest on the podcast, not only due to his infectious personality, but also how he focusses on uplifting and driving positivity as a leader. 

Too often we hear about the tough-natured managers in recruitment, and Jay shows that the “beating with a stick” approach doesn’t always work.

If you’re looking to maximise your team’s billings, then this episode is definitely for you. Shaun talks about how he built a million-pound billing team, as well as how to sustain high performance and get the most out of your team!

Being human and empathetic are two key traits that a successful manager should possess, and Mel and I unpack this in depth in this episode. She talks about her experiences as a manager, as well as how managers got the best out of her as a consultant.

This is an excellent episode that discusses not only leadership, but how leadership can differ when working in a larger corporation to a smaller, boutique-feel consultancy. Michael worked at Michael Page before transitioning, and this episode is ideal for those who are in a similar situation!

What episodes do you think we’re missing that have had the biggest impact on your career as a recruiter? Leave a comment below!