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Hear from the community

“Being new to a leadership role it was great to have a live Q&A and extended 1:1 with a leadership mentor that could give me tips and advice on the real-scenarios I’ve been struggling with”

Lewis Cambell

“Even in my 8th year in recruitment, with my own agency – I’ve benefited hugely from these new tactics and ideas. The recruitment world is constantly evolving and this platform is great to ensure you reach the top and cement your place there.”

Phoebe (DOT)

"The peer-to-peer sessions on a topic of your choice bring a set of fresh eyes, and during lockdown it’s made things feel a little more human by taking away from the day-to-day stress of working from home.”

Laura Copell

“Recruitment Mentors has helped me in so many ways. Watching through the Mentor Library is invaluable. But mostly the community – a real helpful and friendly bunch who are there for the same reasons you are – to learn, grow and support others. Thank you so much Recruitment Mentors for this great platform!”


"Through the pandemic it's been super valuable to hear other recruiters experiences and how other agencies have approached things. If you’re curious, give it a go and see for yourself. It’s given me a renewed focus on developing myself’."

Stephen Broadley

“The amount of quality information I've been able to download into my own practice from just posting one topic question has been huge.”

Sam Thornton

“Having worked in recruitment for five years it is very clear that the industry has a poor reputation, the community is an amazing idea to turn this on its head and create a new dawn in the industry.”

Richard Howell

“It’s a unique platform & a place where I feel genuinely comfortable asking for advice without fear of being judged. The training videos & live Q&A sessions with recruitment leaders are brilliant too – especially since only a few people are in each call, so you always get your chance to ask your questions.”

Jamie Crowley

"We all naturally buy into our company’s or trainer’s way of doing things and may not realise the extent of our tunnel vision. Recruitment has so much scope for creativity and innovation; we just don’t know it! Having access to a platform sharing the thoughts and techniques of senior successful recruiters, across various sectors and geographies, is one of the best investments you can make for your career. It’s inevitable you’ll get new ideas and you never know which could be the one to take you to that next level.”


"The value of being able to speak to forward thinking leaders in their sector is second to none. You can get real time advice from some serious people within the industry. Learning from experienced heads is so needed for young recruiters if they are to make a career from it and really be successful"

Matt Owens


What you might like to know

We would be sad to see you go, but anybody that wants to discontinue their membership within the first month is entitled to a full refund.

We have T&Cs here and a code of conduct that you can find here. Our privacy statement is included here.

It’s not simply about billings, it’s about learning from those that have achieved or cultivated exceptional in recruitment.

Every mentor is guaranteed to have:

  • Excelled and achieved success in today’s market.
  • Clearly demonstrated acceleration of their recruitment career.
  • Either through progression or responsibility.
  • Hold a track record of consistently exceeding expectations and targets.
  • Has/currently mentors
  • Has been recommended or is validated by colleagues
  • Is passionate about the recruitment industry and helping consultants progress in it.

This typically means that the majority of the mentors have a minimum of five years of experience, and are drawn from different backgrounds, sectors, and locations.

You have immediate access to everything that already sits inside the community! Jump in and start making use of the available content. We update the catalogue of content on a monthly basis – so the value will be constantly growing.

You can ask questions and seek advice, support, and feedback at any time from within the numerous community channels. We will also run a live Q&A session each month with mentors, where you can pre-submit your questions, or ask them live.

However, this has been a popular recommendation by our members so we have this on the roadmap and will make sure we can facilitate this soon for our members!

If you do decide to cancel, obviously we’ll be very sad to see you go, but if you’re intent on leaving then you’ll be able to do so with a couple of clicks.