Lauren Windebank: Going solo as a Founder - what is it really like to run a business with two kids?

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The key takeaways from this episode are as follows:

🚀 You’ll learn about founding a business and what Lauren’s experiences taught her

🚀 You’ll get some solid advice on leadership and why you should treat people well and take time to manage, rather than reacting when bad things happen

🚀 Working as a parent and the learnings that were taken from this in the early days

🚀 Personal branding: Why it’s crucial and why the whole business should be focussing on it


This week I’m joined by Lauren Windebank, Founder of Roma Black.

She started working in recruitment 8 years ago, building her career as a consultant before Co-Founding Roma Black in 2018. Shortly after, Lauren became a solo Founder and had to manage building a business alone with two young children.

It was great to sit down with him and talk about her experiences as a business owner – this episode gets into the gritty importance of starting up with the right people, how to be a model leader and also keep a successful business thriving!

You can connect with Lauren on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-windebank-3aa062107/


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