Chris Monticolombi - Building a recruitment business from scratch and the importance of adding value with every interaction

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The key takeaways from this episode are as follows:

🚀 You’ll learn about adding value and why you should never assume what your audience wants

🚀 You’ll get some solid advice on account management and what to look for when hiring someone into this position

🚀 Caring about client relationships and why you shouldn’t overlook the power of giving a bespoke service

🚀 Incentivising employees regardless of seniority and function, and how to successfully do this


This week I’m joined by Chris Monticolombi, Director and Co-Founder of WeShape.

He started his recruitment career at La Fosse Associates, and left in March 2019 to set up with Co-Founder Jack, and WeShape was born.

We unpacked so much on this episode – from the mistakes that they made in the beginning, through to how they sell to clients and retain excellent partnerships.

You can connect with Chris on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-monticolombi-15108364/


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