Building out a new market in recruitment is incredibly challenging, regardless of how experienced you are as a recruiter. 

Whether it’s building a market due to changing companies, or building a market due to increased demands from clients – the trials and tribulations that come with carving out a niche can be difficult to overcome.

I’ve loved speaking to multiple recruiters who have had the task of building out a new market, as everybody has their approach, mindset and technique. 

The podcasts below are the stand-out episodes for me, all of which have their own unique takeaways.

So, without further ado – here are the top 5 episodes to listen to if you want to build a new market!

This is an excellent episode to listen to if you’re feeling demotivated whilst building out a new market – because Chris has built out 4! After recently building out a Sweden tech division for his current agency, he shared a lot of insight which would add value to anyone looking for additional resource and motivation.

 I loved recording this episode as it covers building out a new market, but also how to do this whilst relocating overseas. Lewis has built out a Danish tech market from scratch, and more recently built out his companies US business from scratch!

Gabbi’s episode is ideal for those who are looking at building a niche within a niche, especially if you’re looking at local geographies. She built out the testing market from scratch in her current role, specifically covering the north-west.

This episode is perfect for those who are struggling with the candidate side as well as the client-side of building a new desk. Too often we focus on business development without realising that candidates are also a core part of building out a successful market. We unpack how Sophie also won her clients within Tech Sales, specifically in the graduate market.

Susan shares her “land and expand” approach once a new market has been built. Again, in recruitment, we are very focussed on new business, and Susan talks about the importance of expanding your client base and maximising what you already have.

What episodes do you think we’re missing that have had the biggest impact on your career as a recruiter? Leave a comment below!