Introduce yourself to our audience. Tell us who you are and what you are currently focused on.

I’m Georgia, a Principal Business Development Consultant at Keystream. As an agency, we specialise in supplying Digital, BI & PMO talent into the public sector, predominantly the NHS. 

In my role, I solely focus on winning new business and developing new areas of our existing accounts. Once I pull a job, I pass it over to the most appropriate 360 consultant to resource, and we split the commission. 

I’ve been in recruitment for almost 3 years and have only ever done it this way and I’m sure I don’t want to try 360, and no, I don’t hate myself. BD is fun!

How did your journey lead you to join the Recruitment Industry?

I studied Psychology at Cardiff University and originally wanted to be an Occupational Psychologist. My degree included a placement year, so I went to work for a psychometric consultancy that had developed a tool called Strengthscope which identifies your work-related strengths, i.e. what gives you energy! 

I joined as a researcher but on my first day had to complete the psychometric and all my strengths pointed to one career – sales! I was off the charts for enthusiasm, being results-focused, resilience and relationship building so (to my horror) they put me in their sales team for one day a week to ‘see how I got on’. 

At first, I was furious – I was so confident that sales just wasn’t for me but, the test was right, and I quickly fell in love with the role and transitioned my placement year into a full-time sales job. 

By the time I went back to finish my degree I had my heart set on a career in sales, and when I realised I could focus all of my energy on the business development side of recruitment I was sold! (plus what grad can resist the lure of the free ski holiday…)

What would your advice be for those wanting to join the recruitment industry or are early on in their recruitment career?

Recruitment is hard, if it wasn’t, then everyone would do it. We all have low days when it feels like EVERYTHING is going wrong (I’m often convinced that numerous clients have personal vendettas against me) but it’s important to remind yourself that other successful consultant/top biller you know has felt like this at some point and that they didn’t give up, so you sure as hell shouldn’t! 

I truly believe that if you do the basics well every day and remain consistent in your approach, success is bound to follow. You need to be prepared to ride the waves of highs and lows, but if you can see that through, then the possibilities for success really are endless.

What has been the best piece of advice that you have received so far since working in recruitment?

When you’re feeling stressed/something isn’t going well, and it’s starting to affect your mood and concentration, then take yourself off into a private space (I favoured the meeting room) and force yourself to SMILE. Trust me on this!

You’ll feel like a complete weirdo at first, but when you smile, your brain releases tiny molecules to help fight off stress, so you are literally tricking your mind into feeling better. 

The first manager I had in recruitment swore by doing this and as strange as it sounds it never fails to improve my mood, helps to perk me up and if nothing else gives me a few minutes to step away from the problem and realise it really isn’t THAT bad – give it a go! 

What did you spend your first commission pay check on?

I got my first big commission slip the month after my first promotion, so I took my mum out for a fancy dinner and to the theatre in Covent Garden to celebrate (and to say thank you for handling all my previous deal-related meltdowns).

Why should other recruitment professionals join Recruitment Mentors?

Recruitment Mentors has so much to offer, and I truly believe that every recruitment professional at any stage of their career has something to learn from joining the community. 

The beauty about recruitment is that you never know what the day will bring, so having a community to lean on for guidance on things you are struggling with or aren’t sure how to handle is invaluable, especially in the somewhat disconnected world we currently live in. 

Recruitment can be so competitive and it’s incredibly refreshing to be part of something which puts this aside and focuses on making us ALL the best we can be, and in turn, the whole sector will benefit.