10 things you can do to grow your client base today

1. Go to industry events.

Finding niche events that your key clients and candidates go to is a great way to get face time in a setting that isn’t forced. 

Sometimes, client meetings can happen prematurely – so instead of wasting a client’s time, go to an event instead where you can meet them in a “softer” way – slightly more casual, and also allow them to put a face to a name.

2. Join industry-relevant social media groups.

Whether it’s WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, or LinkedIn – there are a ton of social media groups out there that are relevant to you. 

Make sure you’re present and offering your input and advice. It’s all about offering long-term value beyond just recruitment.

3. Prioritise catch-up calls (and book them in)

I know I bang on about the power of a catch-up call, but how often are you checking in with clients with who you haven’t signed terms yet? Make it a priority!

4. Start a newsletter for your niche.

If I’m not solid proof that a newsletter works – I don’t know what else to tell you! It creates community, it allows you to have a regular touchpoint with a large group of people, and it allows you to showcase your value.

5. Simply just….ask (for more clients)

A good old-fashioned cold call, email, or LinkedIn message never hurt. 

Some clients love a direct approach, so make sure that you’re mixing it up.

6. Start your very own podcast.

You will be surprised how effective this can be to generate clients & recruiters are perfectly positioned to start one.

Sometimes recruiters just need another reason to speak with people beyond the typical stuff – jobs, candidates etc.

A podcast is a great reason & a brilliant door opener.

I guarantee you that you will get way more “yesses” from potential clients if you reach out with “how interested would you be in being a guest on our podcast where we interview senior leaders in our space to educate & inspire future talent in our industry?”

7. Invest in your personal brand.

LinkedIn is every recruiter’s bread and butter, so if you’re still using it to just post jobs – you’re doing it all wrong. 

Even if you post twice a month, it’s better than nothing. 

Having a presence in the market enables you to build a name for yourself, thus making it easier to win clients. 

8. Ask for an introduction a week.

Utilise your current network, ask for introductions, and make it a weekly habit to cultivate new client relationships.

9. Host your own events or roundtables.

If attending events becomes successful for you, start hosting your own. 

They can be budget-friendly (often completely free if done virtually) and create a relaxed setting based on education and adding free value. 

Networking is key.

10. Use your successful projects & partnerships to win new business.

If you haven’t put together some of your best-case studies then you’re missing a trick.

Clearly demonstrating how you have saved X business time & money can become some of your most valuable sales collateral. 

Ensure you focus on demonstrating the problems you solved, the outcomes you achieved & start using these stats in your client outreach – it works.

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