Biller Rollercoaster | Shaun Taylor – The rise to the team of the year award and building a million pound billing team.

In this episode I’m joined by a very humble and hardworking recruitment manager in the name of Shaun Taylor.

Shaun has worked for the Premier Group for nearly a decade and in this time he has progressed to divisional manager.

In this time Shaun has really knuckled down and put everything into his recruitment career.

We have a real honest chat on how Shaun has managed to take his recruitment career from strength to strength.

We discuss early on in his career when it wasn’t easy for him, what he learned from the best people around him, how he broke the £200K billings mark, his transition into management, mindset and the learnings he has taken from becoming a better manager!

So many great insights shared from Shaun on his journey to the team of the year within a global recruitment business.

I’m excited for you all to listen to this episode!!!

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