Biller Rollercoaster | Michael Judkins – From Michael Page to 3Search, Corporate life, building a strong team of recruiters and keeping accountability!

On this episode I’m joined by Michael Judkins from 3Search.

He initially entered the world of recruitment through Michael Page, and after just over 4 years moved over to the infamous 3Search, where he has been for the last 4 and a half years.

This is a great episode as it’s always incredibly interesting to learn about the differences (and difficulties) that come with moving from a corporate, well known brand to technically a start-up business.

On this episode we talk about leadership, motivations and transitions – and ultimately how Michael has become a successful leader in the 3Search group.

You can connect with Michael  on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-judkins-15814438/


How did you get into recruitment? [1:21]

What sector did you go into? [5:44]

What was year 1 like? [7:10]

First year billings [12:06]

The journey to building a strong desk [13:54]

What advice would you give yourself knowing what you know now? [16:39]

What would you say are the main pros and cons of working for a big corporate? [21:19]

What qualities did they demonstrate as leaders to make you want to join them? [26:31]

What was the most difficult part of transitioning? [32:12]

Challenges as a manager [36:57]

Weekly non-negotiables as a manager [39:27]

Accountability and catch ups [44:02]

Getting better at understanding motivations [46:24]

Common habits or traits you see in top performing recruiters [51:15]

What’s being the most difficult thing for you over the last couple of months? [57:43]

Future of recruitment [1:04:11]

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