An open path to advancing

We built this learning platform to advance a culture of learning & development that was accessible, personal, and limitless.

A meeting ground for recruiters who pursue their full potential professionally, mentally, and sustainably through diverse learning.

An advantage for growing agencies who want to scale with confidence & unlock the full potential of their teams with L&D that’s delivered by elite performers from the recruitment industry.

This means overhauling the limits of…



In-house expertise

Outsourced trainers


Replacing it with accessible, dynamic and elite learning & development.

Steering Committee

Hishem Azzouz


An underperforming recruiter that turned his fortunes 180 degrees in six months using the power of personal branding and the launch of the Recruitment Rollercoaster podcast. Over 100 episodes, and 20,000 monthly listeners later he founded Azzouz Branding to help recruiters leverage personal branding & social selling. He helped 200+ agencies and consultants build their brands. Recruitment Mentors is the brainchild of Hishem Azzouz.

Matt Scott

Marketing & Customer Success Executive

After a successful 18 months in recruitment, Matt has begun the next step in his career, joining Recruitment Mentors as a Marketing & Customer Success Executive. Education and Professional Development has been a massive part of Matt’s life, from college through to the completion of his Master’s degree. Education has played a crucial role in Matt’s development, and he hopes to combine a passion for learning and recruitment in his new role.

Beth Currid

Customer Success Executive

After spending two years within the recruitment industry, Beth has started a new chapter in Customer Success with Recruitment Mentors where she is looking forward to working with our customers and supporting the next generation of recruiters to excel in their careers. Beth forged a love of learning and education from an early age, which continued throughout both School and University, which allowed her to develop new sets of skills including Relationship Building and Networking which she hopes to utilise in her new role.

Gabriel Adesina

Sales Development Representative

Gabriel worked in recruitment for 21 months, successfully making numerous placements within the life science sector and is now pursuing a career in helping the development of recruiters within the industry. Now on a mission to help thousands of recruiters achieve their professional goals & successfully progress their careers through modern & engaging online learning with recruitment mentors. He is a avid book reader and has a passion for personal development, keen to apply his wealth of experiences to recruitment mentor whilst having a positive impact in the industry.

Neil Clough


Nicole Plinston


Calum Morrison


Robert Hanna


Ashley Lawrence


Ricky Martin


Kalpesh Baxi


Richard Evans


Derry Holt


Our Community Values

🚀 Always be learning.

🚀 We are humble and honest.

🚀 We celebrate collaboration over competition.

🚀 We leave our ego at the door.

🚀 We are action takers.

🚀 We give more than we take.

🚀 We are passionate about our industry.

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Our Vision

To build the place that enables recruitment consultants to maximise their potential professionally, mentally and sustainably through diverse community learning.